Cyber Security Study & Intern



Refonte Learning is offering a chance for eager individuals seeking to master Digital Marketing from basic to advanced levels, all while engaging in real-world projects across the globe. The RIGTIP (Refonte Global Training & Internship Program) is structured to provide a flexible work setting, allowing participants to collaborate with a diverse global team spanning Oceania, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.


Roles & Responsibilities:


- Develop, Build and Deploy DevSecOps CI/CD for Static application security testing (SAST)

- Develop, Build and Deploy DevSecOps CI/CD for Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

- Develop, Build and Deploy DevSecOps CI/CD for Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)

- Apply Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWAST) methodologies to real world project

- Build a safe and secure system and gain knowledge of the principles of vulnerability assessment and reconnaissance to protect your infrastructure and web presence.

- Utilize practical exploits and assess how they affect your systems.

- Evaluate the risk assessment and perform threat modeling of a web application architecture.

- Create a successful vulnerability management strategy.

- Learn how to use online open-source intelligence applications for passive reconnaissance.

- Execute footprinting and reconnaissance, a crucial pre-attack part of the ethical hacking process using the most recent methods and technologies.

- Master multiple scanning techniques using NMAP and NPING, and conduct scanning on the target network outside of IDS and firewall.

- Understand the workings of web applications and web servers, their vulnerabilities, and how to prevent attacks



- Currently pursuing any degree showcasing a strong commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.

- Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, vital for effective collaboration and articulation of complex ideas.

- Demonstrated ability to work both independently and as part of a cohesive team, highlighting adaptability and strong teamwork capabilities.

Organization Refonte Learning
Industry IT / Telecom / Software
Occupational Category Cyber Security Study and Intern
Job Location Dublin,Ireland
Shift Type Morning
Job Type Internship
Gender No Preference
Career Level Entry Level
Experience Fresh
Posted at 2024-07-08 12:19 pm
Expires on 2024-08-22