Executive Engineer Panel



Job Summary

The Executive Engineer provides technical and managerial support across all local authority service areas (Planning, Housing, Roads & Transportation, Environment, Water Services, Municipal District Offices, Capital Projects etc.) and is required to liaise with external agencies and support the democratic process. It is a requirement for this post that candidates have at least 5 years satisfactory relevant engineering experience after obtaining an honours degree (level 8) as recognised by the National Framework of Qualifications.

Reporting to the appropriate line manager, the Executive Engineer will be responsible for the efficient management of their prescribed work area. This is a management role. Managers at this level work within defined parameters relevant to the position, in accordance with the Local Authority’s vision and objectives. The Executive Engineer will be required to work closely with elected Councillors to deliver the full range of services and implement local policy decisions.

In the current economic climate, managers are charged with service delivery and change management in an environment of limited resource availability, both human and financial. Delivery of efficient services and value for money is crucial.


  • Education, Training, Experience, etc.

Each candidate must, on the latest date for receipt of completed application forms:

(a) Hold an honours degree (Level 8 in the National Framework of Qualifications) in Engineering,


(b) Have at least 5 years satisfactory relevant engineering experience, and

(c) Possess a high standard of technical training and experience, and

(d) Possess a high standard of administrative experience.


Application Form must be completed & submitted, CVs will not be accepted

Organization Local Government Jobs Ireland
Industry Engineering
Occupational Category Executive Engineer Panel
Job Location Cork,Ireland
Shift Type Morning
Job Type Full Time
Gender No Preference
Career Level Intermediate
Salary 53626 - 74544 | £  / Yearly
Experience 2 Years
Posted at 2023-02-18 9:41 am
Expires on 2024-03-27